Luke Butterworth Diary 19/01/13

Dear Diary,

It’s great getting down and playing under Geevsey at Glenorchy in the Tasmanian Premium League. No its not another new T20 league, the Tasmanian Premier League is Hobart grade cricket just in case you were unfamiliar, Diary. I’m not sure why I am explaining things to you like you are a person Diary but it’s been tough since Liam Pickering let me down and didn’t get me a Big Bash contract and you have been very supportive during this difficult time particularly for my pen and my hand when I have been writing.

On Saturday we played Kingborough and Geevsey had the boys pumped up for a big one. We were playing at their dunghill and Geevsey had got to the away rooms nice and early with his coloured chalks to write up our inspirational quote for the day – a sort of mantra we are to play the day by. Geevsey had the blackboard covered with a bedsheet as we all filed in to the change rooms for the mandatory team meeting 220 minutes before the first ball. You need plenty of time to warm up for cricket and Geevsey is meticulous in his preperation – he makes all the boys follow his routine:

20 minutes – team meeting

10 minutes  – studying the form guide

10 minutes – update on the NBA

12 minutes – indulge in sponsors product (KFC)

6 minutes – toilet time (seated)

15 minutes – power nap

34:30 minutes – listen to “Odyssey No 5” album on iPod

6 minutes – put on whites

12 minutes – sunscreen application

17 minutes – re cut toe out of bowling boot.

2 minutes – toilet time (standing)

1 minute – jog on spot

Then Geevsey is ready to walk onto the field if we are bowling and if we are batting he just restarts the process fromt the top (minus the team meeting obviously)

Anyway the team meeting started and Geevsey whipped the bedsheet off the blackboard.  It said: “I HATE KINGBURRA (sp)” Well it didn’t have the little (sp) thingy, Dairy, I just put that in to show what Geevesy had written and that I knew that he’d spelled Kingborough wrong. There were a few grunts of acknowledgement and Geevsey roared, “Read it with me, boys: I HATE KINGBURRA”, ” Repeat it “I HATE KINGBURRA”, “And again “I HATE KINGBURRA”  by now most, but not all of us had got the gist of the quote but we were none the wiser who it had come from. David Boon? Michael Di Venuto? Shannon Tubb? Not sure

So then we went and warmed up for 200 minutes and by the time we took the field to bowl first I had completely forgotten about the blackboard and its inspirational message. What did get my attention was the unkind words of Kingborough’s opening batsmen – Sean “Puffy” Shelton. “Shelts” is known for his trash talking but this barrage was something else. He said I wasn’t good enough to get a Big Bash contract, he said I didn’t take wickets and couldn’t make quick runs and he said Liam Pickering didn’t care about me.

Geevsey came straight over to me and punched me hard in the arm and said “Don’t take that shit – we owe these blokes. Remember  that one day final in 03-04″ Well I needed no more motivation, I remember that one day final like it was 8 years ago. I think we batted first or maybe they did. Anyway it all got very tense and I just can’t recall if we won or lost in the end.

Just for good measure Geevesy threw in a ” Just get ’em out”

So I did. And I batted a bit too – take that “Puffy” Shelton

Pity they couldn’t get a photo of me to go with the article. Bloody Evan Gulbis!!


Buttsy out