The 20 Strangest AFL Pre-season Jumpers: 15-11

The AFL pre-season is a time to experiment with new jumper designs. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly – here are the 20 strangest.

15. Melbourne – timeline of design

In 1996 the lightning premiership was played over a weekend in February at Waverly Park with games of two 20 minute halves. A number of clubs unveiled fresh jumpers for the event. Melbourne went with this number.

Stephen Tingay and Melbournes first foray into alternative jumpers
Stephen Tingay and Melbournes first foray into alternative jumpers

As you can see it was a navy blue jumper with a wavy capital M with a demon face underneath. It was intersting, it was different and that was 1996. Somehwere along the line Melbourne must have decided they were never going to pay another red cent to a graphic designer, as over the best part of the next 20 years they have rolled out the following….

2003  Hey lets dig up that jumper form 96 and invert the colours but we’ll mix it up by putting white in the demons face and by putting the design down the side of the jumper where no one can see it. 

The flying demon head
The flying demon head

2005  Ok lets centre up the big capital M and take off the demon head

Big wavy M
Big wavy M

2009 Lets change tack here – scrap the big wavy M, now where’s that template of a demon’s head?

The demons head
The demons head

2010 Ok time for a shake up lets take a melbourne jumper and replace the red and blue with white and lets chuck that demon head on again.

That Demon logo - unchanged since 1996
That Demon logo – unchanged since 1996


What could possible by next? That same demon logo again? Only time will tell.


14. St Kilda stick figure


As a kid I realy liked the St Kilda logo, it was unique – it had a stick figure with a halo playing footy and stick figures were about my level of drawing ability. Plenty of clubs have put stylised cartoon animals on their jumper but I believe St Kilda were the first to put a stick figure on thier jumper when they unveiled this jumper for the 2014 pre-season. Has any other sporting team in the world ever had a stick figure on their jumper? The all red back of the jumper did look a little different too.





13. North Melbourne white

Adam Simpson raises his arm to show off the whispy wrap around roo
Adam Simpson raises his arm to show off the whispy, fading wrap around roo

I don’t think I have properly showed just how terrible the white kangaroo jumper is. It was the pre-season jumper for 2005 and ended up also being used as a clash jumper during the regular season. It’s bland, it’s boring and for me it started the rot of predominantly white footy jumpers.

12. Western Bulldog thirds

Adam Cooney in thirds
Adam Cooney in thirds

The Doggies fiddled with their jumper again in 2002 preferring to lose the hoops and instead go for thirds of red, white and blue. Of course the ‘Biting Dog in profile’ logo was a must.

11. Fitzroy lion



Fitzroy’s final two pre-seasons in the AFL in 1995 and 96 were conducted in this jumper. It had a bit of a barbers pole/candy stripe going don the sides and featured the lion from the Fitzroy logo of the time. The Fitzroy lion of this size was never on the Fitzroy jumper but after the merger with Brisbane it became the symbol of the new Brisbane Lions and took pride of place in the centre of the jumper. I can’t help but think that the merger jumper was inspired by this pre-season jumper. This picture is the only one I could find of this jumper. It’s actually a couple of supporters at the Coburg City Oval  following the short lived merger between the Fitzroy Football Club and Coburg Football Club to become the Coburg -Fitzroy Lions for seasons 1999-2000. Coburg’s nickname was also the lions and they wore this jumper at away games.




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6 thoughts on “The 20 Strangest AFL Pre-season Jumpers: 15-11”

  1. The all-white Kangas one was worn only once I think in the H&A season, it was the inverted version of the regular blue away jumper used for a couple of years. Actually doesn’t look that bad up close, I used to wear it to training and got positive feedback for it, but agree it looked a bit bland on TV.

    Think Freo’s all white with the purple anchor can claim to start the all white trend (well maybe South Melbourne before them)

    Great site!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes I agree the all white jumpers do look a bit bland. If the umpires had stayed in white we might never have experienced quite as many all white AFL jumpers.

      1. Too true on the umpires, but your practical thinking has no place in the AFL.

        Also looked at the rest of your site after making my original comment, apologies for sounding like a know-it-all when you basically had to same info on another page.


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