Melbourne Renegades Preview BBL|03


Jos Butler (England)

Batsmen and wicket keeper who has been a dynamo in the middle order for England in recent times setting up huge totals or chasing down tall targets by scoring at a furious rate. Renegades appearances will be restricted by England ODI commitments

Mohammed Hafeez (Pakistan)

Opening batsmen and off spin bowler who has played with distinction for Pakistan for many years and frequently opens the bowling for his country – a  rich man’s Glenn Maxwell if you will.

James Pattinson (Melbourne Stars)

Patto has crossed over from the Stars but seems unlikely to see much game time as he recovers from yet another injury. While he continues his recuperation he has been replaced by bowler Jake Reed.

Michael Gale (Brisbane Heat)

Melbourne Premier cricket fast bowler who was picked up by Queensland a couple of season ago but now returns to Melbourne for Christmas to sit on the extended bench at the Renegades. Very experienced at running water and a change of gloves out to batsmen. Injury means Gale has temporarily been replaced in the squad by Tasmanian fast bowler Andrew Fekete. The Renegades can only hope hope he brings the same level of professionalism to 12th man duties

Peter Siddle (new)

Siddle didn’t front for BBL|02 preferring to play only red ball cricket in 2012/13. It remains to be seen if he will front for a cameo appearance or two  for the Renegades as I expect him to have a rest after the Ashes.

Jake Haberfield (new)

Fromer South Australian fast bwoler who journeyed to Melbourne this summer to play premier cicket. He’s excellent led him toi being called up to the Bushrangers last couple of Shiled matches and swung him a last minute Big Bash deal.

Rookies:  Solomon Myre and Matt Short

Solomon Mire, after belting the Renegades all over the park for the Darren Lehmann Academy in their practice match at Ballarat, has been elevated to the Reneagades main squad as replacement for Daniel Harris who broke his hand at training. The 24 year old ‘King’ Solomon is a former Zimbabwe Under 19 representative and holds the record for the highest one-day score in the Darwin and District Cricket Competition when he blasted 260 from 157 balls (including 21 sixes and 13 fours) in July. On the weekend Mire blasted 101 not out from 53 balls to guide the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy to victory against a full strength Renegades attack sans Murali. ‘King’ Solomon was particularly harsh on Jake Haberfield launching him for three consecutive sixes in the penultimate over to all but win the game.


Alex Hales (Adelaide Strikers)

Darren Pattinson (retired)

32 year old Darren Pattinson didn’t retire because he was old, slow, not particularly good  and could no longer stand up to the rigours of bowling 4 overs every second day. No he retired from cricket to breed and train greyhounds.

Big Bash: No thanks I'm busy with my dishlickers
Big Bash? No thanks, I’m busy with my dishlickers


Brendan Drew

James Muirhead

Faf du Plessis (South Africa)

Marlon Samuels (West Indies)

Michael Buchanan



The Renegades have kept the core of their table topping squad from last season and added a couple of handy job-share internationals in Jos Butler and Mohammed Hafeez to compensate for the loss of Marlon Samuels and Alex Hales. The batting looks in good shape with Doolan, Rhorer and Cooper all in solid Shield form but the loss of Finch to Australian ODI duties may hurt. Murali returns for a second season but it’s hard to see how both he and Fawad Ahmed can be fitted into the same team, with Aaron O’Brien a more likely spinning partner for Murali. The fast bowling attack looks solid with Western Australia’s Nathan Rimmington returning and left arm all rounder Will Sheridan adding variety. Jake Haberfield, Jayde Herrick and Andrew Fekete will provide the pace bowling support to varying degrees.

Aaron Finch: What in the world of people dressed as cricket playing crows is this?
Aaron Finch: What in the world of people dressed as cricket playing horned birds is this?


1. Aaron Finch (C)

2. Alex Doolan

3. Tom Cooper

4. Ben Rhorer

5. Jos Butler

6. Peter Nevill +

7. Will Sheridan

8. Aaron O’Brien

9. Nathan Rimmington

10. Jayde Herrick

11. Muttiah Murailitharan




Jayde Herrick and the Half Volleys

Herrick seemed to be a marketing idea gone horribly wrong after he was the Renegades poster boy last year but missed the entire season with injury. People say don’t do things by halves but it must have fallen on deaf ears with Herrick as he does everything in halves. If he’s not sending down half volleys, he’s serving up half trackers plus the odd beam ball – a real split personality: Dr Jayde and Mr Herrick stuff.

The Herrick and the Half Volleys latest album cover celebrated the extensive ink work of Jayde Herrick.
The Herrick and the Half Volleys latest album cover celebrated the extensive ink work of Jayde Herrick.




Jos Butler Trio

Jos Butler has formed a roots and folk band with his Big Bash brothers at the Renegades. He held a ‘Renegades Got Talent’ team building exercise with all his new team mates when the Renegades joined together on Saturday night before their first practice at Ballarat on Sunday. Besides getting heroically drunk and losing their first two practice matches to the Darren Lehmann academy the next day, the evening sucessfully determined the reaminder of the Jos Butler Trio –  Ben Rhorer (bass) and Peter Nevill (drums/percusion)
Michael Hill Top Hoods
Ponderously slow and not particularly good batsmen who will likely be banished from the Renegades ground level bench to sit and watch the game with the fans in the ‘Nose Bleed Section.’ Thankyou, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal, I hear it’s great.
Nathan ‘Urban Rhythms’ Rimmington

When he has time away from bowling a very heavy ball, Rimmo puts together the sets of music to be blasted at spectators at every available opportunity inside the Docklands stadium. Nothing says cricket like the sets of  Urban Rhythms that Rimmo has patented – a lot of American artists like Kanye West and Alicia Keys et al . Rimmo has done such a good job setting up his Urban Rhythm play lists, all the stadium DJ has to do is turn the volume up and down as appropriate on the speaker system ie down as the bowler starts to run in, up after the ball has gone dead.

Tom ‘Alice’ Cooper

Long black hair, black eye make up, occasionally a top hat maybe even a snake draped around him – this is the prefferred after five wear of the Renegades South Australian based Dutch international middle order batsmen.


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