Goals, Bumps, Club Legends as Coaches and All Australians – footy news week 18

In case you missed it, this week in AFL football…

The highlight

The two semi finals had strangely similar moments and some stunning goals. Jude Bolton produced a spinning grubbered kick for a goal right on the quarter time siren of the Sydney- Carlton final, Justin Westhoff produced a stunning falling away boundary line snap for goal for Port against Geelong. Topping both of these was Sydney’s Lewis Jetta who  ran outside the boundary line tapping the ball in play and then screwed the ball back to the goal square for Keiran Jack to soccer home a goal. The cream rose to the top in both games in the premiership quarter – the Cats kicked 5.6 to Port’s one goal in the third quarter whilst the Swans booted 5.2 to Carlton’s  no score. Both games also included bumps that came to the attention of the Match Review Panel. Swan Ted Richards escaped with a reprimand for knocking down Carlton’s Levi “Rock the” Casboult as the act was graded ‘negligent’. On the other hand Geelong’s Paul Chapman bumped Port’s Robbie Gray but jumped in the air as he did so and therefore had his actions graded as ‘reckless’ and so misses a week. That makes sense doesn’t it? Not splitting hairs at all. Both bumpees were fine by the way.

Unusually in the Sydney – Carlton game no goals were kicked to one end of the ground in the second half. Also, so far this September only one final, the Richmond v Carlton elimination final, has attracted more than 60,000 fans.

The lowlight

Three club legends.

Read more: http://thearmchairselector.com/2013/09/goals-bumps-club-legends-coaches-australians/


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