The 35 strangest AFL jumpers: 10-6

Some AFL jumpers are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly. Here are the 35 strangest.

10. Hawthorn – Kokoda

The five faces of Luke Breust. From left to right: happy, sad, focused, angry and pensive. No hang on it’s five different people with the same expression and the same haircut.

In 2010 Hawthorn held the inaugural Kokoda game to ‘raise awareness of the significance of the Kokoda Track in Australian history and to raise funds for the Kokoda Track Foundation.’ A fine cause and fine sentiments indeed, however adding army camouflage to a hawk in profile made for an interesting  jumper for the game. By 2013 Hawthorn had decided to put a Kokoda logo on a traditional Hawthorn jumper to mark the occasion.

Sam Mitchell is excited to be wearing the Kokoda jumper.

9. Port Adelaide – silver

port silver jumper
Danyle Pearce’s and Brendon Lade’s memories of the silver jumper are blurry at best

Silver on footy jumpers just doesn’t quite hit the mark for me, something about it just doen’t quite fit. In this away strip Port Adelaide unveiled in 2007, silver’s role in the design is hard to describe . It’s solid silver on the sides narrowing into stripes at the top and thinning out to teal in the middle. Somehow this is not even close to being the the worst Port Adelaide jumper, not by a long shot.

Showdown: Enraged by the silver an unknown Adelaide player flies over to rip off Chad Corne’s jumper.

8. Kangaroos – Orange

Wayne Carey, Peter Bell, Matthew ‘Spider’ Burton and their height differences ham it up for a phone promotion

The Kangaroos had been running with a royal blue version of the above design as an away jumper since 1996. By 2000 they roped in phone company, Orange, to do a one off promotional jumper when they faced off against their clash jumper nemesis Collingwood. All was dandy with the bright orange jumpers except someone decided to put the Kanga’s in black short and black socks against black and white Collingwood, accentuating not alleviating the clash of uniforms. It was like the whole purpose of the exercise had been forgotten. Sigh. The orange kangaroo jumper was never seen again but I can’t help but feel it may have reappeared had the Kanga’s relocated to the Gold Coast in 2008.

Carey! Note the black shorts and socks

7. St Kilda – yellow

Aaron Hamill: All right boys let’s do this for the jumper!

St Kilda suddenly became aware in 2001 that their uniform clashed with Carlton when Pura Milk offer them some coin to change their jumper to yellow to promote Pura Light Start. Strangely the Saints only clashed with Carlton for 3 years when the Pura promotion expired in 2003. The jumper was not so much a sight for sore eyes as a sight to create sore eyes.

Notoriously short sighted Brett Ratten mistakes Peter Everitt's jumper fo teh yellow football. Andrew Thompson is on hand
Notoriously short sighted Brett Ratten mistakes Peter Everitt’s jumper for the yellow football while Andrew Thompson has eye’s only for the Sherrin.

6. Carlton – yellow

chris judd

What could be worse for Carlton than having your captain look like he’d returned to play for the Eagles? Doing a cross promotion with the Livestrong Foundation promoted by the World’s Greatest Drugs Cheat, Lance Armstrong, and the World’s Biggest Buffoon, Brendan Fevola. Carlton fans must look back and cringe at 2009. Not only did they sell out their navy blue jumpers for this horrid all yellow kit including yellow shorts and socks but it was all in aid of the charity founded by Lance Armstrong, a cynical and systematic drug cheat. It kind of makes the light blue M&M jumpers look like a worthwhile cause.

Two of Carlton's favourite sons Lance Armstong and Brendan Fevola promote the Livestrong foundation.
Two of Carlton’s favourite sons, Lance Armstong and Brendan Fevola, promote the Livestrong foundation.

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