The 35 strangest AFL jumpers: 15-11

Some AFL jumpers are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly. Here are the 35 strangest.

15. Crows, Hawks, Eagles – same jumper

birds on jumpers
Taylor Walker, Darren Glass and Trent Croad for thier respective clubs. Why is Croad on a jetty?

Ah clash jumpers. I would have thought that a guiding premise for a clash jumper would be to create a jumper that identified uniquely with your club. Not so apparently as the birds of a feather all flocked together to get pretty much the same clash jumper. On closer inspection they are not even the same jumper manufacturer Hawthorn and West Coast are Puma and Adelaide are Reebok. Ah whatever, they’re all junk.

14. Geelong – the original clash jumper

Leigh Colbert: If I have to wear this jumper as captain I’m walking out on the club

The year was 1998 and from my memory Geelong were the first Victorian club to produce a clash jumper. It featured three narrow white hoops and a shield but the jumper was binned as it was said to look too much like Carlton. Wasn’t that the point though – to produce a dark strip? Anyway all that was forgotten by 2007 when the Cats rolled out the jumper below which is pretty much the 1998 version with the three narrow hoops replaced by four claw marks. Stylised scratch marks and football jumpers hmmm.

Nathan Ablett: That’s it, I’m walking away from football if I have to wear this cat claw jumper again.



13. Brisbane Lions – the piss stain


Clash jumpers seem to be kryptonite to common sense with Brisbane being an ideal case in point. It was like the Lions were trying to tick off all the clash jumper cliches. Animal logo – tick. Stylised scratch marks – tick. Gradient colour fade – double tick. The faded yellow to white at the bottom of the jumper looked like urine hence the name the piss stain jumper. Terrible.

Luke Power and Daniel Bradshaw: Hey, we just peed on our jumpers then posed for this photo. How tough are we?

12. North Melbourne – the jet stream roo

north melbourne clash jumpers
Left: Glen Archer models the 2003 clash jumper. Centre: Archer and Brent Harvey chat after training sorry a game in 2005. Right: Leigh Colbert in the 2005 clash jumper against Geelong.

Around the time North Melbourne changed their name to the Kangaroos (1999 – 2006) they were fiddling around with footy jumpers featuring kangaroos. In the mid 90s they produced an away jumper featuring a solid blue kangaroo, but by 2003 that design went out the window and instead North produced the mish mash blue number on the left. It had silver stripes on the top half and whispy white ribbons outlining the shape of a kangaroo. In 2005 the silver strips were abandoned but the jet stream outlined kangaroo remained and was shifted to wrap around the jumper in what looked like a training jumper. The best however was yet to come North took that jumper and inverted the colours to produce the white away clash jumper used in a game against Geelong in 2005.


*Note: their are two number 12s as I discovered these North Melbourne jumpers when researching for the jumper below.


12. North Melbourne – Argentina

Don’t cry for me Jack Zeibell

in 2009 North decided to abandon their mainly royal blue jumpers and take a very different tack. It was tied in with some bunfight James Brayshaw decided  to have about North not changing their jumper when playing home games against Collingwood. It smacked of a storm in a teacup brewed up just to get a bit of media time and publicity for the struggling Roos. The result was this Argentina soccer team type light pale blue and white combination that the Roos ran with from 2009 to 20011 primarily for away games against Collingwood and Geelong. Strangely enough the ‘terrible’ North -Collingwood jumper clash had disappeared by Round 23, 2013 when both clubs wore their traditional striped jumpers. Odd.


11. Adelaide – red time

Ben Hudson: I wouldn’t have nominated for the AFL draft if I knew I’d be wearing this jumper

I’m not sure what this is supposed to be. Are the yellow and blue stripes meant to be 3D or something. Is it abstract art? I have no idea. From 2007 to 2009 this red number was Adelaide’s clash strip and in the same years Adelaide’s away strip was the big crow below. Tough years for footy jumpers in Adeliade.

Brett Burton and Patrick Dangerfield show off their latest Zumba moves



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