AFL Tattoo 22: The forward line

It seems you can’t get on an AFL list these days unless you have some form of permanent body art. So in the grand tradition of the little paper (Herald Sun) I present a team of not left handed, mensa graduates with Buddhist- Irish uncles who were drafted between pick 25 and 47, but a team of current AFL players with serious ink – the Tattoo 22.

The forward line

If you’re going to play in the forward for this team it helps if you have your name permanently sketched onto your back.

Missed someone? Feel free to add your suggestions by leaving a comment at the bottom.

HF: Dustin Martin (Richmond)

Dustin martin tattoos

Before he was drafted to Richmond, Port Adelaide asked Dustin Martin “Are you dumb?” There is no record of his answer, but a couple of years later he got his neck tattooed, to compliment his stomach tattoo, and just this year he got the back of his hand tattooed.


CHF: Lance Franklin (Hawthorn)


As one of the more outrageously talented and well known footballers it’s slightly surprising that Franklin’s is anything but outrageous: a sleeve of Aboriginal artwork. A second sleeve is now under construction too.


HF: Clancee Pearce (Fremantle)


Spiderman. Of course.


FP: Robert Murphy (Western Bulldogs)


Robert Murphy is a different cat. Exhibit A: A tattoo of Paul Roos and the words “Keep on trucking” Some say it’s Elvis but I think we all know that would be too mainstream for Robert Murphy.


FF: Travis Cloke (Collingwood)


Trav Cloke seems like a pretty average bloke give or take that he’s David Cloke’s son and he plays for Collingwood. Get him to turn around at the beach and it’s a whole other story. A set of wings? Why?


FP: Michael Walters



A whole collection of stuff: a sleeve working it’s way up to his neck, his name written on the inside of his bicep, a little bit of star work , a dragon, potentially a cross behind his ear, maybe a tea drop somewhere soon. It’s a thumbs up from me.


Have I missed someone? Add your suggestions by leaving a comment at the bottom.


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