AFL tattoo 22: The midfield

It seems you can’t get on an AFL list these days unless you have some form of permanent body art. So in the grand tradition of the little paper (Herald Sun) I present a team of not left handed, mensa graduates with Buddhist- Irish uncles who were drafted between pick 25 and 47, but a team of current AFL players with serious ink – the Tattoo 22.

The midfield

It helps if you have a sleeve to get a run in this midfield.

Missed someone? Feel free to add your suggestions by leaving a comment at the bottom.

W: Chris Masten (West Coast)


Is this guys a bikie or a footballer? Ink all over the shop including up and down both legs, one sleeve and the begginings of another, a wild and woolly beard and a rude 1930’s psych ward style haircut to match – the complete package. I am wondering why he has a grizzly bear and a 3D perspective illusion triangle on his legs.

C: Nathan Jones (Melbourne)

Solid, standard B grade sleeve, nothing fancy just getting the job done. Strong parallels to his football career.

W: Adam Cooney (Western Bulldogs)


A sleeve was just too parse for a man who proposed to his partner with a burger ring so he got a sock encapsulating the essence of fish instead.

Ruck: Mitch Clark (Melbourne)

clarke tattoo

Thumbs up: The overnight sleeve tattooing process was a success. A sleeve and his name down his back plus hand ink and some Mr Squiggle work on his chest. Who could possibly have more?

RR: Dane Swan (Collingwood) CAPTAIN


What the hell was I thinking? I don’t even like tattoos. A bit late for that perhaps. Where to start? Two sleeves and full torso work plus some leg stuff. More of his body must have ink now than doesn’t, now that’s acommitment to ink. For his unparalleled penchant for body art Swanny has to be captain of the Tattoo 22. The clincher for me are the knuckle tatts – ouch! But it wasn’t always this way check the Swan timeline of tattoos. (In the first picture he’s actually wearing industrial make up to hide his tattoos and prank teammates)


1. The cleanskin 2. First a single three quarter sleeve 3. Then it started spreading across his torso and another sleeve was added 4. time for some leg work and the knuckles 5. Fill in the gaps – the whole torso and the fore arm to knuckles are completed

R: Dane Beams (Collingwood)


Beams has been operating with a sleeve since he was drafted and patriotically managed to work in a stylised Australian flag – how touching. He must have an aversion to tattoos on his left side as he’s opted for some upper right leg work rather than the double sleeve look.

Have I missed someone? Feel free to add your suggestions by leaving a comment.


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