AFL Tattoo 22: The backline

It seems you can’t get on an AFL list these days unless you have some form of permanent body art. So in the grand tradition of the little paper (Herald Sun) I present a team of not left handed, mensa graduates with Buddhist- Irish uncles who were drafted between pick 25 and 47, but a team of current AFL players with serious ink – the Tattoo 22.

The backline

If you’re going to play in the backline for this team it helps if you have your name permanently sketched onto your back.

Missed someone? Feel free to add your suggestions by leaving a comment at the bottom.

B: Jarrod Rivers (Geelong)


How do you spell my name? Ah that’s right I got it written down my spine so I’d never forget. Yep

FB: Daniel Merrett (Brisbane Lions)


No comment.


B: Nick Malceski (Sydney Swans)


It would seem Sydney’s ‘No Dickheads Policy’ doesn’t extend to lame tattoos. It looks like Malceski’s superimposed a dying duck onto the bogan staple – a full back Southern Cross.

HB: Denis Arnfield (Carlton)


Arnfield has a portrait of his Nana on one shoulder and potrait of someone else on his other. He ‘s got his name written on his back above a giant swan and a rabid Kangaroo trying to break the Australian coat of arms – brilliant. Denis, you are overqualified to  play in this team.

CHB: Jake Carlisle (Essendon)


Ah look there’s his name written down his back and what’s that on his stomach? Ah yes, of course, a list of his sister’s names and the year they were born. At least it makes the orange bra not the most embarrassing thing he’s wearing.

HB: Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)


Name on the back, yep. Sitting on what looks like a burning set of cricket stumps, not sure why. Don’t come saying Cyril doesn’t play in the backline, he’s the best 15 touch player in the AFL and can surely play anywhere –  he’s just that good.


And of course Cyril’s more recent addition – the hawk across the chest that everyone wants to see. Here it is



Have I missed someone? Feel free to add your suggestions by leaving a comment.


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