The Steve Rixon Ashes Diary 2013 – Foreword


Steve Waugh wrote many Ashes Diaries, Steve Rixon has written none… until now


A lot of people ask me, “Who is Steve Rixon?” and “Why do you bother talking to him on a semi regular basis?”

First and foremost Steve Rixon is a crusty old blighter with a magnificent half handlebar moustache and slicked back hair who loves a punt. Secondly he played a handful of Tests for Australia a long time ago as a wicket keeper and is the Australian cricket team’s current fielding coach and spin coach. Wether this appointment was for spin bowling coach or talking spin coach remains unclear. I thought this video might clarify the situation but alas Rixon cleverly neither confirms nor denies if he is the coach of talking spin or bowling spin.

See, I’m none the wiser as to Rixon’s role. Some highlights include insightful chats to Lyon in the nets

Rixon: “Pretty good barometer. Pup.”

Lyon: “Yeah”

Rixon: “Maintain some dot balls to him you’re doing well.”

Rixon: “He desperately want‘s to come down so… [Rixon walks away for no apparent reason] …so if you can keep him stuck on the crease [inaudible]

The term “Awareness” gets a fair run:

“Awareness of fields” [all on the fence]

“Awareness of the opposition” [India]

Rixon has been the source of one of the great additions to the Australian sporting vernacular in recent times, “informed player management” according to himself. He has also been responsible for teaching Matthew Wade how to catch – judge for yourself how successful Rixon has been in that pursuit.

Why do I talk to him? Primarily because I think he is lonely and desperately needs someone to bet on the cricket for him but also because he freely gives away inside information from the Australian dressing room including the Clarke v Hussey fight.

Note: Rather than actually putting pen to paper or tapping away at a keyboard Rixon has decided to deliver his diary via a weekly phone call/Skype/Google hangout. Also he may or may not be aware that this diary is occurring and may or may not sanction it’s reproduction in print.

Anyway enough of preamble, let me pick up the phone so we can hear from the man himself.

Yours in cricket,

Steve Rixon’s scribe and bet placer.


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