Racism, the things people say, stalkers and refreshment solutions – footy news week 09

Indigenous round got off to a rocky start with indigenous players making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Buddy Franklin for having a yelling match with a fellow patron at a Chapel St bar, Nathan Lovett Murray for being stabbed outside his girlfriend’s house in Reservoir and the lowlight of the week –“f*cken ape” yelled at Adam Goodes by a 13 year old female Collingwood supporter during the opening game of the Indigenous round on Friday night. An incident that raises many questions about footy fans and people in general. Following this incident Collingwood President, Eddie McGuire, spoke about how there was no place for racism in AFL.

Just when you thought it had all hit rock bottom Eddie McGuire goes and introduces his size 10 foot to his mouth with a comment on radio today that Adam Goodes should be involved in the promotion of the new King Kong movie. His bumbling explanation/retraction /apology did not cut the mustard for me. McGuire’s matey humour  and over the top footy fan blokiness (calling everyone by their nickname) have always grated with me and his statements on Friday night about how racism is unacceptable now ring hollow. McGuire’s actions on radio this morning speak louder than his words on Friday night.



The highlight

Swans: catching a tram to their favourite ground
Swans: catching a tram to their favourite ground

The Sydney Swans team bus broke down on the short jaunt from the Spencer St end of the CBD to Jolimont last Friday night. So the Swans did what many footy fans do to get to the MCG – they caught a tram to their favourite ground. Kind of reminds me of a Greg Champion song – I wonder if the Swans also got their scarf and their old coat… Maybe Sydney will catch the tram every week in Melbourne, it seemed to work pretty well on Friday night.



The lowlight


Just 6,000 fans in the Greater West of Sydeny could be bothered showing up to watch the Giants get done by an even triple figures by West Coast. Only 28,000 fans showed up to a Hawthorn home game at the MCG against Gold Coast. Odd considering Hawthorn spruik having 61,000+ members on their website. And finally all the fair weather Collingwood supporters who left early on the Friday night game aganst Sydney in the – the game finished with half the crowd gone. Side by side we walk out together at the 5 minute mark of the last quarter if we are taking a beating.


Seemingly people in AFL circles can’t help but say the wrong thing or perhaps are surrounded by a culture that doesn’t recognise what is appropriate and what isn’t.


Harry O’Brien said he was extremely disappointed with Eddie McGuire comments above and would never tolerate racism. Well people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, two weeks ago Harry was seen on TV calling Tom Hawkins a “fat f*ck”   not very sensitive and respectful to people with weight and body image issues if you want to be politically correct. A word the allegedly sensitive and respectful Harry O’Brien might want to ponder next time he’s in his contemplation chair is hypocrite.


Kevin Sheedy claimed the Department of Immigration was recruiting fans for the Western Sydney Wanderers. More of the usual nonsense from Kevin – try winning some games, like the Western Sydney Wanderers, and maybe you will get some fans turning up to watch. Of course we are all wise to Sheedy’s BS at post match press conferences to deflect from onfield events by now – this comment came after GWS had lost by 160 odd points. Deflect by creating controversy 101.


Another person who has become a master at dealing with the press is Alistair Clarkson. Um wait no he hasn’t– he let his true short man syndrome colours shine through the other week by calling a journo a cockhead as he left an airport press conference. Way to go, Clarko, really shaking that tag of an angry little man after smashing a hole in the wall of the coaches box back a couple of years.



The unbelievable

This one was settled in court last week. Richmond player Alex Rance had a male stalker. It all started innocently and all very normally enough with the pair exchanging 40 text messages a day, going to movies, having dinner and going on shopping trips together. But 23 year old Rance and his 35 year old male friend had a falling out and then Rance found out hell hath no fury like a male shopping companion scorned: the stalker hacked Rance’s Facebook and email accounts, sending a message to his girlfriend that Rance was “living a lie and was, in fact, homosexual” and then arranged a  “gay orgy” at Rance’s family’s home. The stalker was jailed for a year.



The boring

Darren Jolly’s articles in The Age.

First there was his whinge about not getting a game under Neil Daniher at Melbourne, then there was a whinge about the Rules of the game committee and potential capping of interchange and how it would force players to be on the ground for longer periods. Now he’s whinging about the rules of the game saying the game was better back in his days of watching as a kid. Well I’m the same age as Jolly so go for it, return to the days of the mid ninties  I remember them well. Melee charges started in 1996 so fines for the pointless push and shove aren’t new (fact error there for Jolly) plus a general statement that a lot of fans miss argy bargy falls flat for me. Also back in the 90’s the interchange was used very sparingly by today’s standards so Jolly would spend pretty much every  minute of every game on the ground not lolling about resting on the interchange. Make up your mind Jolly do you want 90’s footy or do you want modern day rotations  – you can’t have it both ways so stop whinging! Either shut up and get on with playing footy or if you don’t like the game stop playing it. That’s right if you’re no longer enjoying playing AFL just walk away and go and do something else – preferably not writing for The Age. To finish Jolly gave us this:“For over 150 years, AFL  has been a hard, physical, intense contact sport that has turned young boys into men
Woah ease up on the rhetoric – it’s just a game.
Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/our-great-game-is-heading-in-the-wrong-direction-20130528-2n985.html#ixzz2Ug7m3b52



VFL watch

Coburg Football Club are in the final year of their alignment with Richmond and will attempt to field a stand alone VFL side next year. The predicted tough times seem to have already hit with Coburg putting out an SOS for volunteers to help at home games.



One shining light for Coburg this year is their new YouTube channel – Coburg TV. Some very insightful interviews into the inner workings of a VFL club in the first few minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJjfIPN3Vzg


I ventured to the VFL recently and was happily hanging off the boundary fence when I noticed the guy near me was filming the game on his iPad. Not that unusual until I realised he was only filming the boundary umpires returning the ball to the centre square after a goal. I can only assume he was some sort of boundary umpire coach/adviser and he was gong to sit down with those boundary umpires on Monday and review the tapes with them so they could become expert at returning the ball to the centre square. Like tying shoelaces something’s just aren’t complex enough to become expert at.

Step 1. Get the ball Step 2. Throw it in But what to do after a goal is kicked....
Step 1. Get the ball
Step 2. Throw it in
But what to do after a goal is kicked….


What they should do

Kardinia Park now has lights and the first AFL night game will be played at the Cattery this Saturday. A planned VFL game last Friday night was canned due to a refreshment/beverage issue. The powers that be at GFC are concerned that the locals may get a bit too animated if the full strength beer served during day games at KP is also served at night times, however they are also nervous that the good folk of Geelong may get restless nay even riot if their full strength beer is replaced with any watered down light amber fluid. The solution – Miller Chill. It’s a “light” beer in the low carb sense with less than 100 calories and  4.2% alcohol with a splash of lime that tastes so disgusting that a) no one in the right mind will want to drink it and b) anyone who does couldn’t possibly stomach more than 2 or 3 let alone get drunk on the stuff.

Splash of lime!? Enough Miller Chill for six people
Splash of lime!?
Enough Miller Chill for six people


The quote

The reduced time in congested, high impact situations will have a positive effect, Lewis says.

“I’ve got no doubt that if you play a crash and bash style of game every week, your body will eventually start to tell you it’s had enough,” Lewis told AFL.com.au. 

“I’m not saying that half-back is not a crash and bash sort of position, but it has definitely freed him up. 

“He’s recovering a lot better; you don’t get those little niggly ‘corkies’ that sort of hang around. 

“I think he’s relishing it.”


So which way is it Jordan? Jordan Lewis can’t decide if Sam Mitchell has or hasn’t  moved to the halfback line or something like that….


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  1. Lucky Collingwood people keep giving you ammunition Slats or you would barely have a blog this week. On a side note agree with you on Harry, great minds think alike.

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