Radical dance moves, goal kicking and social media protocol – footy news week 08

Thanks for all the feedback on facebook about last week’s footy news week. I’ve tried to work in as many suggestions as possible this week.  To receive an email every time I post  enter your email address in the ‘Follow my blog’ section – scroll right down to the bottom of this if your on a smartphone or it’s on the right hand side if you on a laptop/desktop. That way you’ll never miss a footy news week fix.


The highlight

Josh Kennedy’s run up for a shot at goal. Well run up would be generous – it’s a stuttering, spluttering tippy toey kind of Fred Flinstone at the bowling alley approach to goal kicking. Kennedy has been operating with this set up for a while with some success but it seems the “Every day I’m shuffling” phase has got more pronounced in the last few weeks (or so I’m reliably informed by people who closely monitor these sort of things) to the point where Kennedy is almost getting ‘bogged’   – doing his tippy toey  thing up and down on the one spot –  before kicking for goal off just a couple of steps. I have also been informed that this new manoeuvre is actually an RDM (radical dance move) that Kennedy has been perfecting on the tiles at Trak night club in Northbridge each weekend. It’s working for him – his accuracy is up to 76.4% this season (2nd best in the top 20 goalkickers) and he sits second behind Jack Reiwoldt in the race for the Coleman medal. Other key forwards take note – work a dance move into your goal kicking routing, practice it relentlessly at nightclubs and watch your goal kicking accuracy & performance improve.


Another important dance move: The double fist pump goal celebration
Another important dance move: The double fist pump goal celebration

The lowlight

Courtney Dempsey: If you are going to go out on the piddle til 4:30am when you’re recovering from injury don’t take selfies with a drink in your hand and post it on instagram. Rookie error. It looks like a play that could only have come from the Dave Warner handbook of social media.


The unbelievable

The Western Bulldogs played an exhibition match against Port Adelaide at The Oval in London on November 4, 2012. On May 12 this year former England test cricketer Paul Collingwood was playing for Durham against Surrey in a county cricket match at The Oval and said this about the cricket pitch:

“It’s a little bit of a lottery because there are actually patches where the Aussie rules footballers have scuffed it up with their boots,” 

What?!? The game was 6 months ago. Listen to Cricinfo’s Jarrod Kimber (from Melbourne) unload one of the great rants on this topic.


Listen from 21:00 to 23:30



The boring

Free kick counts. This issue is a hardy perennial raising its head every year without fail. There is no reason why the free kick counts have to be equal or near equal for a game to be considered to have been umpired “fairly”. Supporters may protest, “But they had 50 free kicks and we only got 8” but it doesn’t wash with me if every free that was paid was warranted and no frees were missed. The free kick count does not have to be level at the end of a game. Now get on with it.


VFL watch

It seems Sam Landsberger of the Herald Sun has been stealing ideas from my blog!


Foxtel Cup gets a VFL flavour next week as Werribee Tigers take on perennial ACTAFL powerhouse the Queanbeyan Tigers. Expect a big crowd of Tiger fans at Etihad Stadium on Tuesday night. Restricted viewing seats are expected to sell out soon.


The Quote

“There was one preseason where we all got slugged with $120 to buy our own footies to train with.”

Heath Scotland explains just how bad the first world problems were at Carlton when he arrived in 2003.





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