The bump is dead, clash jumpers & Doomsday Double Sunday AFL – footy news week 07

The bump is dead. Personally I don’t care. Why not sheppard or tackle rather than bump? I don’t think ironing a bloke out with a shirt front shows any particular ability, athleticism, poise or skill. The drop kick, the place kick and the flick pass are all dead – yet I hear no waling, gnashing of teeth or shedding of tears over these matters. As long as the speccy doesn’t die I will be happy.


The highlight

Kane Mitchell last year won the Sandover medal in the WAFL playing for Claremont. This year he is Port Adelaide’s super sub having played 3 of his 4 AFL games as the substitute.  In both season’s he has sported a magnificent mane of hair. In a look that hasn’t been seen on an AFL oval since Brad Peirce in 1995, Mitchell has gone for the long hair with some in a pony, some flowing freely  down the back look –  the bit up/bit down construction. It’s a winner for me and it’s turning back the clock to the mid 90’s.

Kane Mitchell rocking the bit up, bit down look
Kane Mitchell rocking the bit up, bit down look

Majak Daw was pretty handy too – he’s already passed Lachie Hanson as a forward in just 4 games.


The lowlight

A bad knee injury

Chris Knights received a handpass and snapped at goal just as his knee buckled underneath him. Knights appeared to have his kneecap sitting half way down his shinbone and seemed in a lot of pain. The diagnosis was a season ending snapped patella tendon, thankfully he did kick the goal. It reminded me of Michael Long against Geelong in the centenary match in 1996. He slipped having a set shot at goal from 50 and wrecked his knee requiring a reco – he did however kick the goal.


Clash jumpers

Jumper clashes do exist and at times a light coloured or white variation jumper is required. However utterly crap designs and splashes of colours are not required and if there is no clash of colours don’t wear a clash jumper for the hell of it! Brisbane Lions wore a white outfit against Sydney, last time I checked maroon and blue didn’t clash with red and white – Brisbane wearing white probably clashed more with the Swans. Adelaide turned out in their paint splashes jumper against GWS. But for me the red number with red shorts & red socks the Western Bulldogs were rocking out in as they got trounced by the West Coast Eagles in Round 6 takes the biscuit. Shit.


Hang your heads in shame at that outfit Doggies and anyone want a paint splash on  a white jumper?
Hang your heads in shame at that outfit Doggies and anyone want a paint splash on a white jumper?


The boring

Doomsday Double Sunday

Pretty shit boring football served up on Sunday to be honest. GWS getting belted by 140 odd points with some bloke called Tom Lynch kicking 10.2 (That’s a bit like making a double century against Bangladesh I reckon) then Melbourne dished up an insipid performance against the Gold Coast Suns. To top it off Adelaide & Gold Coast were wearing unnecessary and horrid clash jumpers. Any Sunday where there are only 2 games and they include GWS & Gold Coast Suns is a Doomsday Double Sunday – this was the seconds such occurrence (Easter Sunday Rd 2, 2012 was the first) and was made less palatable by the fact Melbourne were involved. Given how much time the AFL spend doing the fixture and telling us how complicated it is and how hard it is to do and how we all know it’s about maximising TV viewers and attendances you would think they could eradicate the Doomsday Double Sunday from the fixture.



The unbelievable

“Tuck played for six minutes with his injured left shoulder tucked by his side. He was in incredible pain, but remained on the field deep in the forward lines to assist with Richmond’s rotation plans.”

I didn’t watch this game but if this is true it’s not just unbelievable it’s ridiculous. Surely getting a fit player on the ground would have been better than a player who couldn’t use one arm. Stuff the rotations – this is nonsense.


VFL watch

The impeccable Chris Cain

Chris Cain has been in a rich vein of form for Port Melbourne across the first 5 rounds of the VFL season culminating selection for the VFL against the WAFL last weekend where he furthered his credentials by winning the Frank Johnson medal for best VFL player on the day.

He’s a tough, hard running midfielder who wins his own ball and has a great understanding with his skipper and midfield partner John Baird. He has poise, impeccable skills – hitting forward targets like Big Adrian Bonnadio & Sam Sullivan lace out with perfect passes – and loves to kick a goal. And in season 2013 he has been a model of consistency.

The VFL team’s assistant coach Simon Goosey was effusive in his praise of Cain after his efforts for the VFL last Saturday and trumped my research on Cain before I could type this segment. Cain is the same age (26) and similarly experienced (6 seasons and just over 100 VFL games) as Sam Dwyer, his former Port Melbourne midfield teammate who has slotted nicely into the Collingwood midfield. Watch for the name Chris Cain come draft time this year.



Kurt Tippet countdown

Nothing takes your mind off training, hanging out at Bondi, thinking what to do with the swathes of cash you have previously and are currently being overpaid and not playing footy like cooking up a storm for your new housemates. I am reliably informed Kurt has been very busy in the kitchen this week. Only 38 days until his suspension ends.


Quiche anyone?....... It's French for egg pie
Quiche anyone?……. It’s French for egg pie


 What they should do

Build up the Foxtel Cup – the premier, 2nd tier, interstate, club competition is suffering from a lack of exposure. The first round starts next Tuesday live on Foxtel at 8:30pm with a ball tearer between Norwood and East Fremantle yet I bet very few people would know this. Shame. Its’ the AFL’s answer to the FA Cup except none of the top 18 clubs compete and only 6 of the 27 2nd tier teams compete and the other 4 teams are really from 3rd tier competitions. Hmmmm.


The quote

”The NAB Cup’s too long, four or five weeks. Usually you play a couple of internal game as well; it does tend to drag on a lot. I think two pre-season games would be more than enough… It’s certainly better than playing in a pre-season comp that not a lot of people care about.”
Kane Corne’s lets his thoughts on the pre-season competition be known.

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  1. “I don’t think ironing a bloke out with a shirt front shows any particular ability, athleticism, poise or skill.” Nothing better than executing a good hip and shoulder. Perhaps not athletic, but requires direction, perfect weighting and timing

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