The Anderson files: interchange

Adrian Anderson no longer works at the AFL but some people continue to send him emails. Fortunately we were able to hack into the AFL’s email server to reveal:


The Anderson files – the unread emails of a former AFL operations manager.



Dear Adrian,


I love what you have achieved so far with all rule changes you and the rules committee have affected over the past 6 or more years. The changes to the game have increased my enjoyment of the game immeasurably and made it so much more of a great spectacle that I have gone to more games, bought more club merchandise and eaten more hotdogs at Etihad stadium as each year has passed.


One thing that has given me great delight is hearing that you are going to cap interchanges for season 2014. I hate nothing more than watching the interchange area look like a revolving door at the Hilton hotel with players running on and off the ground willy nilly. It looks terrible and is blight on the game as far as I’m concerned. The number of times I have sat at the footy and, for a quarter, ignored watching the play instead focused on watching  the mayhem at the interchange area and been thoroughly disgusted by what I have seen are uncounted. It has greatly lowered my enjoyment of the great spectacle that is our great game.


For a long time I thought, “The problem’s so big- what can I do?” then I came up with a cunning plan – let every player on the bench get a run on the ground each quarter. It’s Under 12’s stuff – give everyone a go – but it’s so simple it just might work. Therefore I suggest that rather than 80 interchanges you cap the bench movements at 16, 4 per quarter


Yours in football,


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