The scourge of summer

What is with those KFC – Good Times – Madden Brothers – Cricket – Summer ads polluting my idiot box non-stop over the past 3 months? They raise so many questions. Why Michael Slater would agree to be dressed in the most ludicrous combination seen on an Australian TV in a long time is anyone’s guess. T-shirt and suit jacket screams douchebag when paired with jeans but it screams ‘I’m a f*cking dickhead’ when paired with boardies and thongs to go lawn bowling. WTF??  Clearly Michael Slater has no self respect left.


Why are these pair of tattooed dicks ruining our commercials? One of the Brothers Madden was out here for ‘The Voice’ which was a Channel 9 hit and then they provided the pre-match entertainment to the NRL grand final (also on 9) Now they are polluting us with KFC adds featuring ex-cricketers (Slater), current cricketers (George Bailey et al playing street cricket) and bucket heads – people who wear KFC buckets on their heads while at the cricket (smart people – I think not). Then they played a set at the T20 International at Stadium Australia on Australia Day. To borrow a line from a mate ”How about some Australian music?”


What do two rock brothers from the US have to do with Australia or Cricket? Cue tumbleweeds because the answer is nothing. And now I’ve seen their latest ad – one of them is moving to Australia sponsored by Vodafone. That’s the final straw – I’m changing carriers in protest!!


And I’ve know learnt that the Madden brothers are part of a band called Good Charlotte. Good riddance I say. Zing-er!


When they are not playing cricket one presumes that the Australian players get around in their Cricket Australia issued training clobber. See Michael Clarke’s cameos in those damn KFC – Madden brothers adverts. Which segways nicely to my next point:  What do you think the Australian cricket team wear when travelling around Australia? Those grey-ish coloured team tracksuits & t-shirts as modelled by Clarke for The Colonel and you see on news footage of the team at airports?

No, you are wrong – they wear their whites and their baggy greens. Michael Clarke even wears a blazer and Matthew Wade and Peter Siddle wear long sleeve jumpers. Ricky Ponting doesn’t bother with the long sleeves – his arms are hairy enough. How would I know this? Well it’s simple – I’ve watched the Qantas in flight safety instruction video this summer.

Highlights of the video include Clarke and the pilot both greeting each other with “Morning Captain” and the hairiness of Ricky Ponting’s forearms. If Peter Siddle does speak during the video I can’t remember because I was mesmerised by the whiteness of his teeth and one of the all time great pieces of body language. An unfunny dad joke by Pup has Sids pull off a move that had me searching the TV week Logie awards voting sheet for the ”Best Original Eye Roll in an Instructional Video” category.

If you do one thing this summer book a Qantas flight and pay attention to the safety instructions or don’t bother just watch it here: (Siddle features at 3:30)


At least it’s marginally less painful to watch than those damn KFC – Good times – Madden Brothers ads.


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2 thoughts on “The scourge of summer”

  1. Thought it would be hard to beat Ricky’s Rexona ads where he is dressed as deodorant but this video tops it.

    I’m so old. Can’t name one Good Charlotte song. More Australian music please

  2. Well said that man! Couldn’t agree more. Having moved on from Australia and thoroughly enjoyed my six weeks there, two things seriously soured my experience a little and The chuffin’ Madden Brothers- never heard of them- was one of those reasons. Bunch of seeyounextTuesdays, leave cricket alone you talentless cretins.
    As for Slats, I presumed he dressed like that all the time….

    Great blog, thoroughly enjoy reading it. Cheers.

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