Big FINAL review

Well the Big FINAL has been played and congratulations to the Brisbane Heat. To the Perth Scorchers: #getschorched. Straight after the game Greg Norman rang Justin Langer and The Shark will join the Scorchers coaching ranks in BBL|03 to fill a dual role as mental toughness coach and composure under pressure coach now that Perth have lost both Big FINALS at home after going into both as favourites. Steve Waugh was not available for this position as he was too busy being mean to coach in any capacity.

What was the strangest thing about the Big Final?

Mike Hussey and Simon Katich batting No 6 & 7 respectively?

Nathan Hauritz winnng Man of the Match for taking three catches?

This speech by the sponsor’s representative ?

Let’s deal with these issues.

Firstly the speech by the KFC representative.

Normally you would choose someone who is proficient in public speaking to speak in public. The keys to a good “Sponsors Speech” are 1. Brevity and  2. Know your product – learn the name of the tournament and how to pronounce it  – practice difficult words like ‘cricket’ and ‘Australia’. If it’s still proving too difficult abandon the cue cards and type your whole speech out on an A4 piece of paper and read it word for word. Yes you will look like a Grade 6 kid reading his ‘What I did in the school holidays’ story but hopefully you will get the damn thing correct without any embarrassing gaffes. This, of course, is presuming that you can read. Hmmm.

Perth Scorchers

I would have thought it was pretty obvious that in a limited overs game you want your best batsmen to face the most balls possible – its why middle order Test batsmen open in ODIs. So why the Perth Scorchers top 4 wasn’t Marsh, North , Hussey, Voges has me buggered.

The decision to bring in Mitch Stonis was odd  – the decision to open with him even more so.  He’d played 3 games during the tournament (none as opener) and done not much.

Mike Hussey should have opened or batted at No 3. If he didn’t bat in these positions because he kept then he shouldn’t have kept and little Tommy Triffit should have played and kept instead.

No surprises to me that The Sinker (Captain Kato) dropped himself down to 7. Give it up Simon is all I have to say about that – take some responsibility for getting the runs – you’re the skipper FFS. I wonder where Kato will position himself in the batting order in his latest gig – captaining the Dhaka Donkeydrops in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 tournament? No 7 ? No 8?

Also Nathan Coulter Nile is a No 7 at best – need I remind you he batted at No11 for Australia A(ll rounder)  in  Novemeber. Hoggy’s still got it with 4 overs  1-19.

Brisbane Heat

Nathan  Haurtiz did not bat, bowled 3 overs taking zero wickets for 11 runs and took three cathces. His performance was perfunctory rather than outstanding.  He opened the bowling , kept the runs down and held three cathces that should be taken by a professional cricketer. As they say “Catches win Matches” and now it seems “Three Catches win Man of the Matches”

Chris Sabburg can consider himself a bit stiff not to get a look in for man of the match. He didn’t bat or bowl but took 2 catches and didn’t drop any sodas on the field or in the change rooms. Plus he ironed the team kit and didn’t the Heat look resplendent in their crisp, freshly pressed teal and steel (grey) uniforms? He also played The Sinker role better than Katich by dropping so low he didn’t bat.

Kemar Roach had taken 2 wickets in 7 games prior to the Big Final but took 3 for 18 from 4 overs in the Big DANCE. Wickets and economy a toxic cocktail in any form of cricket but are pretty much always fatal in a Big FINAL. He would have been my choice for man of the match mainly for rising above the mediocrity of his tournament play when it mattered most.

Pomersbach, Burns and Christian were at the forefront of the batting efforts. Peter Forrest wasn’t but he did pick up another catch – this man has been unstoppable since he got the “Brown Glove” Award. Cutting and McDermott also chipped in with two wickets each.

Overall the better team on the night won and and how those Heat boys celebrated! Nathan Hauritz made all the boys lattes, cuppacino’s and long blacks and they sat around the changerooms sipping coffees, eating biscuits and talking Big bullshit well into the night. Mad. Even Boof Lehmann had a coffee then he had a XXXX can and insisted on holding it with Chirs Hartley’s keeping glove saying something about how he once was a TV add superstar.

N.B. Nathan Hauritz won the Big Bash Barista Off that is why he got to make the coffees after the Big FINAL


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