Luke Butterworth Diary 26/11

Dear Diary,


Still haven’t got a Big Bash contract.


I was putting my feet up in the change rooms after taking 5/25 for Tassie to wrap up an innings victory in the shield when the phone rang. It was Pickers.


Liam Pickering:  “Butters mate how are ya? How are things going at the Devils?”


Me: “It’s the Tassie Tigers. We had a good win today. “


“Yeah that’s great, fantastic, love your work. Now I’ve got some progress on the Big Bash contract situation. I was talking to umm ah a bloke from Wellington ah… Dish Pigs and he said they were looking for an all rounder. “


“Is that Wellington, New Zealand?”


“Yeah across the dutch haha. I couldn’t understand half the fucking stuff the bloke was saying except they need a bug unit who huts bug. Haha. Funny fuckers.”


“They don’t play Big Bash in New Zealand. “


“Ah fuck. Your joking aren’t you? I thought it was like all the shit sports like soccer and basketball – just throw in a token kiwi team.“


“No, it’s only in Australia. And the sign up deadline is Friday.”


“Fuck off you’re shitting me! This Friday?? “




“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Look I’ve been flat knacker up here on the Gold Coast for a week or more at sch…. I mean the AFL draft showing all the AFL draftees how to pa… ah you know, the um finer points of ah filling in a tax file number deceleration form. Yeah tricky stuff those forms – so many boxes. Tread carefully form filler tread very carefully or the taxman will get ya. Haha”

“Look Butters leave it with me. Old mate Picks won’t leave you high and dry. I do have some contacts at a club and might be able to pull a few strings and call in a favour or two and sort something out.”


“OK is that the Renegades now that your on the board?”


“Ah no…. actually it’s North Melbourne cricket club”




Buttsy out.




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