Luke Butterworth Diary 19/11

Dear Diary,


Still haven’t got a Big Bash contract.


Still haven’t heard from Pickers.


So I gave Pickers a call. Well four calls in fact and the fourth time he answered.


Liam Pickering: “Buttsy mate, how are ya?”


Me: “Good thanks, any progress on the Big Bash contract?”


LP: “ Big Bash?….. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Big Bash … of course T20. Yep, yep all over it mate. Now I gave Terry a kick up the arse and told him to do some proper list analysis not that sh1t he trots out on ‘TAC Cup Future Stars’ with Hutchy. What the fuck is that show about anyway? They never seem to actually cover the TAC cup. Anyway look I’m getting side tracked, bottom line is Terry said: Teams need spinners – they are digging up fossils like Warney and Hoggy and Angry Magilla, flying in Murali and  Afridi and even signing up refugees because they can’t get spinners. Word is Adelaide are trialling two blokes ah…what are their names…  ah yep here they are Matthew Higgs and Brian Young and fuck I’ve never heard of them so what do you think?  I might be able to get you in on this a spin bowling trial. What do you reckon ? Give it a go?”


“But I don’t bowl spin”


“Yeah well look I reckon we can overcome that as well let’s be honest, just between you and me, just quietly, half these blokes don’t actually bowl spin either!  I wouldn’t want some of these guys to spin me out of a tricky conflict of interest situation let alone a cricket match! These blokes even make Imran Tahir look good for fuck’s sake! Are you sure you’ve never sent down a few straight flat offies at training?”




“OK leave it with me mate. I’m off to the Gold Coast for um… the AFL draft – I’ll talk to the Gold Coast Big Bash franchise while I’m there and see what I can sort.”




Buttsy out.


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