Melbourne Renegades preview


James Muirhead (Adelaide Strikers)

Aaron O’Brien (Adelaide Strikers)

Brendan Drew (Adelaide Strikers)

Tom Cooper (Adelaide Strikers)

Daniel Harris (Adelaide Strikers)

Marlon Samuels (West Indies)

Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)

Darren Pattinson (Victoria)

Phil Neville (Sydney Sixers)

Ben Rhorer (Sydney Sixers)

Nathan Rimmington (Perth Scorchers)




Brad Hodge (Melbourne Stars)

Glenn Maxwell (Melbourne Stars)

Andrew McDonald (Adelaide Strikers)

Shaun Tait (Adelaide Strikers)

Nathan Reardon (Adelaide Strikers)

Shahid Afridi (Sydney Thunder)

Dirk Nannes (Sydney Thunder)




Abdul Razzaq (Pakistan) – I offered my services to personally drive him to Tullamarine after his 4th game on the proviso that he never came back.

Shane Harwood

Graeme Manou

Aaron Heal

Brenton McDonald




Rather than doing IN & OUT it probably would have been easier to say who stayed: Aaron Finch, Jayde Herrick, Will Sheridan, Michael Hill, Merryck Buchanan. Or even easier the list of good players who stayed: Finch.





Aaron Finch – Captain of the Titanic, everyone is jumping ship. Finch has returned to form for the Vics in the Ryobi Cup smashing a record One Day Domestic score in October. Will need to score a lot of runs for the Renegades to have success. Known as Finchy because of his uncanny resemblance to Chris Finch from The Office.


Merryck Buchanan – brother of Sydney Swans AFL premiership player and recently delisted Brisbane Lions player Amon, brother of Liam a limited overs batsmen for Victoria, one of 7 brothers from Colac. Not sure what he brings to the Renegades – a lot of ticket requests from his extended family?


Jayde Herrick –  if a shaved bongo, a headband,  a socks worth of tattoos growing up both your legs and stars tattooed on your elbows made you a good cricketer then Herrick would be a f*cking superstar. Unfortunately they don’t and he’s not. I have heard that his tattoos are based on a Peter Pan theme. Wow, just wow.

Being a loyal Renegade I have noticed the Renegades are pedalling “Jayde’s Junior membersips” this season which includes a Jayde’s Juniors wristband, Renegades tattoo, and an invite to Jayde’s Juniors coaching clinic run by Jayde and the team. In the words of a wise friend, “What a terrible concept for an average cricketer”




Michael Hill – inured all last season so was restricted to hitting crowd catches for the innings break competition – was pretty good at it too! A slow batsmen who hasn’t played a game for the Vics this season so the last time more than 2 men and a dog saw him bat was at the innings break of the Reneagades home game and he looked good!  Runs a chain of jewellery stores in his time away from cricket.


Tom Cooper – Dutch batsmen who has been playing for SA since he was born n Adelaide. Made a first class double ton for SA about 12 months ago and some cricket commentators preceded to jizz in their pants – hasn’t done a lot since. Played for Netherlands in the northern summer and sucked as much as Cameron Borgas. Both were outshone by former WA player Mitch Swart. Expected to get a sore neck from looking up at all the tall buildings in Melbourne – not too many of them in Adelaide.


Murali – greatest spinner/chucker of all time. Delete as you feel appropriate. Guaranteed to flash his award winning smile and swing himself off his legs if he gets a bat . Will need to be hidden in the field but a great pick up for the Renegades on bowling alone. Will bring in the crowds of the large Sri Lankan community in Melbourne.


Marlon Samuels – belligerent West Indies batsmen who was in blistering form at the World T20. Sharp n the field and offering some handy off spin, this is definitely one of the good pickups by the Renegades. Served a two year ban for taking drugs, cocaine I think. Will bring a lot to the dressingroom, hopefully it’s all legal.


Ben Rohrer – NSW Future League batsmen. Public transport enthusiast and train spotting nut who is hoping to ride the entire Metro network in 24 hours whilst in Melbourne. He’s concerned that the recent South Morang extension might make this difficult and that there will be too many Saturday and Sunday timetables over the festive period to achieve his goal. Less concerned about cricket goals.


Phil Neville – ex Victorian, current NSW keeper who could be said to be next in line after Wade in  the keeper pecking order after he was flown over to the West Indies as cover for Haddin. Hads and ‘Severe and Ongoing Paine in My Right Ring Finger’ might have something to say about that.


Will Sheridan – allrounder and a fitness fanatic. Had a knee scrape a few weeks back so whether he suits up for the Renegades will depend on his recovery from that injury.


Darren Pattinson – Victorian fast bowler known for a) bowling a heavy ball b) being a one test wonder for England and c) being 10 years older than his brother, James Pattinson . Even with siblings the Renegades get the rough end of the pineapple. If the Big Bash had been around during the Waugh era you feel the Renegades would have ended up with Dean Waugh.


Nathan Rimmington – WA fast bowler who bowls a heavy ball and can hit a long ball. Has a nice beard. Loves gardening, windy walks on the beach and can and does throw a mean wine and cheese evening. Squeezed out of the Perth Scorchers line up because they already had their quota of Nathans in the team (Nathan Coulter-Nile)



The remainder of these profiles will be in a state contract free zone.


Daniel Harris – cut form SA contract list and Adelaide Strikers and replaced by Phil Hughes. One thing that is always mentioned when talking about Daniel Harris is that he is a qualified doctor so here goes. Harris is a qualified doctor.  So, as recently suggested by Aaron Finch,  the Renegades can save costs and not have a team doctor as Doc Harris can fill the breach. OH DEAR! Surprisingly brings a lot of medical knowledge to the dressingroom


Brendan Drew – former Tassie & Adelaide Striker now plying his trade at Camberwell Magpies in Melbourne Premier cricket. Am waiting on the good word from my man on the ground at Camberwell Sports Ground as to how he has been performing. He has promised to ring me every time Drew does something of note. Still waiting for him to call….


Aaron O’Brien – NOOOOOO. If they were handing out awards for bowling flat dart off spin Windscreens would win GOLD in a very competitive field in Australian domestic cricket. Has been designated the responsibility of sourcing pie floaters and West End cans for the SA crew. Ironically he is from NSW originally so is more likely to come back with Tooheys New stubbies and potato scallops.


James Muirhead – A spinner apparently, given his performance n BBL|01 I‘d say full toss-er would be more accurate. Appeared unwilling to attempt to make the ball bounce on the pitch thus negating any ability he might have to spin the ball off the pitch. Returns to his home state after being in Adelaide for the last Bash.


Dean Jones – why the hell not! Get the pads on ProfDeano and bring one of those new bats!






It hurts when you lose 3 of your top 4 batsmen (Hodge, Maxwell, McDonald) & 3 of your best bowlers (McDonald again, Nannes and Afridi).  Then you ship in 11 players, half of them from Adelaide (what is this – a home away from home for South Australians?) and half of whom don’t have state contracts and the result is your team looks like the Leftovers XI. The only bright spots are the skipper, Finch, and the two international recruits Marlon Samuels and Murali. This team will struggle not to finish stone motherless last in BBL|02.


It really is chalk and cheese comparing the Renegades to their cross town rivals, the Melbourne Stars. On the day the Stars announced Sir Viv Richards as team mentor the Renegades announced “Strauchanie” had taken over as club president. And I chose to support e Renegades –  sigh.






  1. Aaron Finch
  2. Daniel Harris
  3. Tom Cooper
  4. Marlon Samuels
  5. Ben Rohrer
  6. Peter Neville
  7. Will Sheridan
  8. Nathan Rimmington
  9. Brendan Drew
  10. Jayde Herrick
  11. Muttaih Muralitharan





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