AFL umpires and runners

Well lo and behold the first round of AFL football has gone and the umpires wore the same colour in each match – bright green. And the AFL team runners had switched to bright orange.

That sounds familiar, yes for at least 2 years the VFL has had umpires in bright orange and team runners in bright green (as runners have been in the AFL for as long as I can remember)

In the years since white was deemed not right for umpires we have had constant changes of colours for umpires and suffered through the occasional poorly thought out choices of AFL umpire apparel which have lead to player confusion about who was a team mate and who was an umpire.

Two cases in point spring to mind. Umpires in yellow shirts and black shorts for a Sydney v Hawthorn game and umpires in pink shirts with black shorts for a Melbourne game where the Dees were wearing jumpers with pink yolks to support breast cancer and navy shorts. These are example where umpires NOT wearing white lead to more confusion, and if the umpires had been attired like VFL umpires there would have been no issue.

Every colour under the sun was tried by the AFL umpires and changed form game to game but the answer was right in front of the AFL in the little regarded VFL.

How many years did that take?


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